The Art of Disagreement

Right now there is a lot of division in the USA, possibly around the world. It has been going on for a while and it shows no sign of changing. We are divided in politics, religion, even fandom. We must start asking ourselves about the art of disagreement. We can’t expect to agree on everything so we must learn how to agree to disagree. Here are a few thoughts.

Imago Dei.

Every human is made in the image of God. Every human, no matter the color or what they choose to do in life, is valuable. God expects us all to treat each other with respect. In order to do this we must separate the topic from the person. Just because someone does not agree with you on any topic does not mean they are a terrible human being.

There are people out there who think their value is completely intrinsic, meaning they don’t need anything to give them value. This is both true and untrue. We are created beings. We can’t give ourselves value any more than a table can give itself value. However, we are given value by our creator, who died to save us from our own sin. This value isn’t something that our hobbies or attractions can give us or take away from us. They are not capable of forming an identity because they are actions (hobbies) and emotions (attractions). Actions and emotions are meant to be controlled, not obeyed.

Be willing to be offended.

We will not heal as a country or world if we are scared of being offended. This goes to all “sides” of all issues. People will disagree with how you live and how you see the world. Don’t think them monsters for that. Instead, try to understand them.

Stop Making Assumptions from Silence

Silence can be twisted any way you want. Have enough respect for whomever or whatever is being seen as an authority to stop assuming what they thought or felt about it. This is especially true when it comes to religion.

Agree to Disagree.

Cancel culture hates this idea. The GOP hate this idea. The far Left hate this idea. Everyone hates this idea, but refusing to agree to disagree is destroying relationships. Unfriending people who disagree with you doesn’t help. It is more comfortable, but comfort based on staying out of negative emotions does not heal. You don’t have to talk with them all the time or like all their posts. Just don’t treat them as an enemy for disagreeing with you.

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