Mindless of Sin

Credit: Marvel Comics

If you have followed the Doctor Strange comics you are familiar with the Mindless Ones. These evil foot soldiers do horrible, unspeakable things. They were created by a disembodied entity called Plokta to go up against his rivals by overwhelming their worlds so they had to expend their resources dealing with them instead of making any kind of progress. They are as their name suggests: mindless. No thoughts just willful destruction.

Have you read the Marvel storyline called “Original Sin”? In this storyline they received knowledge of good/evil…and they hated it. They felt shame and guilt over their sin and they asked to be returned to ignorance, to become once again mindless. The shame and guilt of killing and evil they were committing was to much for them.

Mankind experienced this at one time. The story is found in Genesis 3. Man ate a fruit of some sort that God had forbidden. Feeling the shame of disobeying our creator and realizing their own nakedness, they hid when they heard God calling to them. Knowing where they were, and wanting to discuss this with them, He called them to come out to Him, to step toward Him. At this moment, God could have obliterated us. I am sure He could have done any of a million things we would not think of. He chose, instead of destruction or reprogramming, to go the way of reconciliation.

He started a path that began with that conversation and led all the way to Jesus act of being a sacrifice for our sins. It wasn’t an easy conversation by any means. While there were consequences for the combined actions of Adam, Eve, and the serpent, God showed his love in the kindness of making clothes for them and performing what many scholars see as the first sacrifice for our sins.

What goodness would there be in simply being allowed to continue evil without any perception that it was evil? It might be more comfortable, but would it be good? It certainly would not be just, as the sin and evil, along with subsequent pain and disobedience, would simply be continuing.

Romans 5:8 tells us that while we were still sinners Christ died for us. While we were still choosing our own way over the way of our creator; while we were lying and cheating and being selfish, our creator died for us. Because He prefers reconciliation over destruction.

The mindless ones were eventually returned to mindlessness. You do not have to. You can find peace in Christ by accepting His help. He would gladly get in the dirt and grime with you rather than leave you in sin and hopelessness.

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