Godzilla, Jesus and The Key to Coexistence

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Today I went for my second viewing of Godzilla:King of Monsters. It was very much worth supporting such a great film. I know some critics have complained, but I thoroughly enjoyed both viewings. I found the main characters interesting and the monsters scary but also fun. There were many call backs to classic Godzilla films.

Spoilers ahead.

The lead team for this film did take some influence from the Book of Revelation. Ghidorah and Godzilla are referred to as “apex predators” vying for control of the world but Godzilla is both protective toward and annoyed by humans. Seem familiar at all? Ghidorah just wants to burn and destroy everything and hold control over the other “titans,” which are the kaiju in this film. Does that also sound familiar?

Found on IMDB

Godzilla is pitted against Ghidorah in an age old rivalry and this is filled over the brim with Biblical iconography. At one point, the military sends in a bomb called “the Oxygen Destroyer” (a call-back to the very original 1954 Godzilla film). Godzilla is wiped out by a human weapon but then we see Ghidorah starting to begin his control over titans. You might have seen the picture online. He is standing on a volcano, an active one at that, and in the foreground up next to our view is a cross. Suggesting either that only God can save us…or we are just all doomed. Gidorah does have some new powers. This was the first time I saw him grow a head back and he also seems to control storms. I’d like to see him face off with Thor for control of the weather.

My favorite human character in this film is Dr. Serizawa (played by Ken Watanabe). He may not call himself this, but he is a man of faith. He has faith that Godzilla can be trusted and that the titans and humans can live together in some sort of coexistence. He does an amazing job of leading Monarch (the company that investigates titans). We see him accept ideas from others, guide the team with wisdom, and lead “by faith and not by sight.” (2 Corinthians 5:7).

While Serizawa is my favorite human character is Serizawa, my favorite character arc is about Mark Russell (played by Kyle Chandler). We see him go from angry toward himself and Godzilla to helping Godzilla in the battle. One of his significant conversations is with Serizawa. Serizawa had this to say to him about Godzilla:

“He fought for us. He died for us. He is not only proof that coexistence is possible. He is the key to it.

Dr. Serizawa, Godzilla:King of Monsters

Serizawa has this innate trust that Godzilla is on our side, or rather that we should be on his side while he seeks for the best of the planet. When asked if he thinks Godzilla would be our pet he says “No, we would be his.”

Now, as I said Godzilla is both protective of humans and annoyed by us. Do you remember when Jesus was on the boat with the disciples? The story is found in Matthew 8:23-27. They were crossing the Sea of Galilee and a storm with high winds came as they often do. The disciples were freaking out and calling on Jesus to help. He gets up from his slumber, refers to them as “you with little faith” and dismisses the wind and waves with a simple word. They are shocked. How can He control the weather?

Jesus has fought for us on many fronts. He has died for us on the cross and resurrected to defeat death itself. As God incarnate, 100% man and 100% God, He is both the proof that we can have a relationship with God and the key allowing us that. Actually, He would tell you He is the Gate to a relationship with God (see John 10).

As you watch the early credits you see many articles about the titans. Some are about the effect they have as they walk around. There is also a moment when Dr. Ling explains that new vegetation has been found wherever the Titans go. Godzilla brings new life to reefs as he swims over them, protects cities from attacks, and is expressed as a force for the overall health of the planet. Jesus is that and so much more for us.


  1. Nathan Marchand

    This expands on the idea I discussed with the hosts of Strangers and Aliens. Godzilla in this film is protective but not necessarily friendly. The humans look at him with reverential awe when he rises from the ocean after his “resurrection.” The look Godzilla gives them is worth a thousand words. It’s like he’s saying, “Thank you for your help–but remember your place, little humans.” He is the King of the Monsters, so he is entitled to this reverence.

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