Kuiil has Spoken!

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Last week I had a couple friends over to watch the first episode of The Mandalorian. We thoroughly enjoyed the feel, setting, tone, characters… well, everything about it. I excitedly watched the 2nd episode after I got out of work on Friday. Before watching I noticed that it was only 32 minutes…but at the end of that time I was not depressed about the length because it was so good.

Ugnaughts have typically been shown as little worker bees, not ever an essential part of the story, at least not in the movies and maybe once in a cartoon. I have not read all of the hundreds of books so maybe one is there. Kuiil is a brilliant character. He is kind, talented, knowledgeable and voiced by Nick Nolte. Over the first two episodes he takes many roles in the life of The Mandalorian.


When we first meet Kuiil, our main character is getting attacked by large creatures called Blurrgs. Kuiil intervenes saving his life. He also helps Mando get ship parts back from Jawas and rebuild his ship. Admittedly, Kuiil sees a return in these investments, esp. the first one since the Blurrgs can be trained, yet he is there helping Mando when he would otherwise seem lost with no direction.

In these moments we see an example of Philipians 2:4 lived out: “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Kuiil does not ignore his own interests. He needs Mando to solve a situation that is causing havoc in his land, but he serves Mando. He takes time out of his days to focus on the needs of someone else.


Kuiil becomes a mentor to Mando a couple of times. First, he trains him how to ride a blurrg. In the second episode he teaches him to humble himself when getting back tech taken from him by the Jawas. Even encouraging him to lay down his weapons and earn back the gear stolen from him. Often saying “I have spoken.” to end a debate and make it clear there is no other way here.

The Bible is full of mentoring figures from Ruth’s mother-in-law to Elijah, Paul and even Jesus Himself. Paul instructs Timothy and Titus to train various people in the churches they are ministering in and Deuteronomy instructs us to pass on what we have learned to the next generation.


Jesus once told us that peace makers will be called the children of God (Matt. 5:9). Kuiil tells Mando multiple times that his reason for helping him is to find peace for his valley/region. He also acts as a peacemaker when the Jawas have stolen pieces of the ship. He brings everyone to the table, instructs Mando in the process, and also urges both sides to find a reasonable solution.

Be like Kuiil!

See Kuiil? He’s helping a stranger in need. Be like Kuiil. See Kuiil? He’s mentoring someone. Be like Kuiil. See Kuiil? He’s bringing peace to others around him. Be like Kuiil.

Who is there around you that needs a helper, a mentor, or a peacemaker? Maybe they won’t listen just because you say “I have spoken” but surely you can do something in at least one of these areas.


  1. Ron

    That’s some good analysis. I am not yet able to watch the show, but you have given me plenty of reason to give it a try. Thanks for finding these nuggets of truth.

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