Book a Speaking Engagement

I am available to speak at churches and youth groups. I live in Michigan but I’m willing to travel if expenses are paid. Here are a couple successful messages I have done in youth group and church settings.

Here I am speaking at a Nerd Chapel event at JAFAX.

Using Your Passions Missionally

One time a girl told me “It is so nice to see someone using what people like to reach them.” Imagine if your youth group or your congregation was empowered and impassioned to use their passions for Christ. How would your community be different?

In this workshop we learn that our hobbies, social triggers, and other passions are here to glorify God. We look at scripture, share examples, and get excited that what we find fun and what we are worried about can help us point people to Jesus if we just learn to use it that way.

The Force vs. Magic, God vs. Manipulation

What is the difference between “the Force” in Star Wars and magic? We often think we can control our lives and everything around us. In this message I look at trusting in God and building relationship with Him as opposed to trying to manipulate to get what you desire.

Let me know what you want and need. I can use well known stories for sharing Christ with your congregation. Just use the contact form in the menu under “About” to get a hold of me.