Game Events!

Games are a powerful and fun way to build community. Through games we can tell stories, go on adventures, compete, cooperate, and get to know each other.

Special Event: 24 Hour Board Games Marathon: Fundraiser for Hand2Hand
Friday, January 26 at 5pm until Saturday, January 27 at 5pm
Unity Reformed Church on Porter in Norton Shores, MI

For 2024 we will have themes each month. So try to bring games that fit that theme in some way.

2024 Game Days coming up at All Shores Wesleyan Church in Spring Lake, MI:

May 25: Nature’s Bounty. Come play games that reflect on the wonder of creation.

June 8: Adventure Awaits! We shall go forth with adventuring games such as Fortune and Glory, Lost Ruins of Arnak, etc.

July 20: Con Crunch! Great time with a diversity of games. If you are running games at Gen Con or GrandCon bring your games to run them here and make sure you are set for the cons. Otherwise, just come enjoy some great games.

Aug. 24: Team vs Team. Join us for a fun time with games that require two teams to vie for victory.

Typically our game days are Noon to 5:00, except for our Extra Life events. See our FB page for individual event pages for each.

Unless Otherwise Noted, all game events at:
All Shores Wesleyan Church
15550 Cleveland St. Spring Lake, MI 49456